Veloretti Electric Ivy minimalist eBike has a quiet yet powerful 65 nm torque mid-engine » Gadget Flow

Travel with ease when you have the Veloretti Electric Ivy minimalist eBike. This stylish electric bike has a 65 nm torque mid-engine that gives you smooth, natural power. Even better, it’s also quiet. And, since the engine connects to the pedals, it automatically calibrates its power to your torque, not your speed. Moreover, the step-less Enviolo system shifts your gears automatically. This gives you one less thing to think about and helps you focus on your surroundings. Meanwhile, shifting feels natural and adapts to you. What’s more, the battery has a 120 km range and is removable. It’s also easy to change, so you won’t have to struggle every time you need to recharge. Finally, the hyperbolic lights use battery-lit LEDs to make you visible in dark conditions and help you navigate.

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