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Versatile and Portable Car Lift for the Home Garage

Presented by QuickJack – Did you know you can have a commercial-quality car lift in your garage that’s completely portable and easy to store when not in use? You can with a QuickJack™ lift. In 2015, QuickJack revolutionized lifting at home, the track, and the shop by giving customers a faster, safer lifting alternative to floor jacks, stands or ramps without the expense or massive space requirements of a permanently installed lift.

The new QuickJack TL series is taller and now provides a full 2 feet or more of ground clearance.

Many vehicle owners want the flexibility to perform vehicle maintenance, upgrade parts, detail their cars or swap wheels at home, but using standard floor jacks is a real hassle. QuickJack lifts compact, frame-engaging models with an open-center design that gives you full access underneath and around the vehicle. You can use a QuickJack lift for vehicle maintenance and repair, including servicing the brakes, wheels, and suspension.

The new QuickJack TL Series lifts recently debuted at the 2021 SEMA Show. These models offer an additional 3 inches of lifting height over the outgoing SLX models to provide a full 2 feet or more of ground clearance.

QuickJack, a versatile and portable commercial-quality lift for your garage

The new QuickJack TL line includes four models to handle everything from cars to light trucks with a lifting capacity up to 7,000 pounds.

QuickJack is self-contained, and with an available power supply, it can operate both indoors and outdoors. Set up is easy and once it’s assembled, moving and positioning QuickJack is breeze. The unit rides on smooth moving urethane wheels, and its zero-leak quick-connect fittings means you’ll be ready to lift your vehicle in no time. Once your vehicle is lifted, you’ll have peace of mind that both you and your vehicle are securely supported by QuickJack’s automatic locking bars.

All QuickJack TL models feature pendant controls for one-handed operation, dual-position automatic safety locks and durable urethane wheels to make it easy to roll the lift wherever it’s needed. Each lift reaches its full height in just 30 seconds. When the job is done, the frames lower to 3 to 3.5 inches high and can hang on a wall, slide under a toolbox, or go into the trunk until next time.

QuickJack is a faster, safer lifting alternative to floor jacks, stands or ramps.

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