VILNO NORD kneeling chair reduces pressure on your back and improves your lumbar curve » Gadget Flow

If you spend all day sitting, the VILNO NORD kneeling chair can help to relieve lower back pain and promote a natural upright position. By keeping your back in action, this kneeling chair helps you to maintain a balanced sitting position, even as you move around. In fact, the split kneepads enable you to constantly adjust your posture and sit comfortably. Moreover, this chair prevents you from slumping, and, since it promotes active sitting, it improves oxygen and blood circulation. This helps to boost your productivity, energy levels, and general well-being. Best of all, the VILNO NORD is comfortable for all-day use. Simply shift your weight or push off using your foot to gently rock the seat to the perfect position. Overall, use it in the office, at home, in the game room, and more.

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