Vinny Says Snooki and JWoww ‘Stir a Lot Up’ in New Season of Double Shot at Love (Exclusive)

“They’re going to get drunk with you and then you’re going to see your sloppiest self come out.”

Vinny Guadagnino is hoping the third time’s a charm when he goes looking for his perfect match again on the latest season of MTV’s “Double Shot at Love.”

During a chat with TooFab, Vinny revealed he has high hopes this time around as his BFF Pauly D and Nikki are still going strong after coupling up on the last round of “Double Shot.”

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“It definitely gives me hope because now you can’t look at them and say these the shows are not real or they’re jokes or whatever,” Vinny said. “They are really in a relationship, they don’t just do it for TV, even though I think some people think that. So it definitely gives me hope, and you never know where these experiences can take you.”

And despite being the only OG of the “Jersey Shore” crew who hasn’t partnered up yet, Vinny said he still isn’t discouraged.

“To be honest I never really like got too hung up on it like I don’t look around and go ‘Oh my god, everyone is taken, I have to be taken now,’” he explained. “I kind of just live my life one day at a time, until I find that one. Although, it is nice seeing how everyone is building — like we’re at this stage of our life now where you start to build a family and I think that’s really cool too. But you know, I don’t really like go crazy out of my way trying to force finding a relationship because all of them are in one.”

With Pauly D and Nikki helping guide “Jersey Shore’s” most eligible bachelor, the pair wanted to prove to Vinny that couples who meet on TV shows aren’t doomed to break up.

“I don’t believe in that curse,” exclaimed Pauly D. “It’s tough in general being in a relationship in the public eye, so I know that part of it has a curse, but you know you got to find a happy balance on what you share with the world what actually happens. You kind of can’t really listen to the to the outside negativity.”

Nikki chimed in, “I think we said it best the other day that we’re private but it’s no secret people know we’re together. We keep our special moments within our relationship and I think that’s what helps to balance it out.”

“Yeah, it’s important we don’t post every single moment of every aspect but we give them just enough where they can’t ruin it,” Pauly D added.

Pauly D went on to say that Vinny took this upcoming season more serious than any season before, calling him less skeptical. But Vinny said he was still nervous about the whole experience, especially without his buddy in the trenches alongside him and the fact that he doesn’t like being “the center of attention.”

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“This time I didn’t have Pauly with me to bounce off of  — literally the first time — and I shared 50% of the experience with him, and we can go through it together,” Vinny said. “I hate being the center of attention. Well, it depends if I’m like on a stage jump roping or something I like being center of attention — but with women, I don’t really like being center of attention. I’m not a player that’s going to go talk to this girl and go run to this other girl, so it just felt weird to have everyone there for me.”

“It also put a lot of pressure on me because Pauly’s not breaking hearts as well now,” he continued. “I have to break all the hearts or I have to get my feelings involved the whole time so I just knew what I was about to embark on and I wasn’t wrong — it was definitely challenging for me but, you know, that’s just part of it.”

As for Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jenni “JWoww” Farley showing up to see if the group of potential dates met their standards, Vinny said they certainly did their part to keep the messy spirit of “Jersey Shore” alive.

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“Snookie and JWoww are our families and we mean that — it’s not just for TV. We’ve been a part of each other’s lives for 12 years now — we really are family with them,” Vinny explained. “So by meeting them, it’s like meeting my oldest sisters who are going to grill you, they’re going to roast you, they’re going to get drunk with you and then you’re going to see your sloppiest self come out. So they really come in and stir a lot of stuff up and it shows who these women really are.”

“Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny” returns Thursday, September 16th at 9PM ET/PT on MTV.

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