VOXART click-tile construction set has a super fun pixel art style and works with an app » Gadget Flow

Immerse yourself in a whole new universe with the VOXART click-tile construction set. This innovative building set gives you a ton of creative freedom. In fact, it’s a unique combination of Quadrolock and Surface modeling technology, letting you create shapes that are both lightweight and also stable. All you have to do is click the tiles together to create the surface and not fill up the hollows. Then, the Quadrolock stays inside and lets out only pure pixel art. Use the connected app to get access to a community of artists who can help you create VOXARTs. Each of the VOXARTs in the app tells you the number of colored tiles and the structure of the object. Overall, this building set has a lightweight design and easy reassembly. It’s everything from a toy to a puzzle—it’s what you make of it.

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