Waitress changes her hair colour – and finds her tips instantly tripling

A waitress working at a casino has claimed her tips “tripled” just because she dyed her hair blonde.

Rachel only realised the difference for the first time after two years on the job.

Her video sparked a discussion on TikTok where she showed the looks before and after getting her hair colour changed.

“You went blonde and it tripled your tips,” she wrote in the overlay text while sharing a sound track saying: “Why are you so excited being blonde?

“Because guys love blonde girls.”

Rachel shares two pictures of herself when she was dark-haired, then she posts a selfie video of her new look — in platinum blonde tresses almost reaching her waist.

She then casually flaunts wads of cash she received after a day’s work.

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with one saying: “Blondes definitely make more tips. I didn’t go back to my natural hair colour until I was done waitressing and bartending.”

Another wrote: “I’ve been blonde many times but I always get way more compliments with my fiery red hair!”

“I’m just gonna go buy a wig now,” a third joked.

But some pointed out that there might be another reason Rachel’s tips tripled and it’s nothing to do with her hair colour.

A viewer commented: “I think it might have something to do with the breast implants too…”

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“I don’t think it’s the blonde hair, I think it’s the surgeries,” a second added.

Rachel revealed that she is now free of financial burden.

She said: “I stopped partying and frivolous spending. I paid off my plastic surgery and car in full.

“I went from a rave girl to saving six figures waitressing at a casino.”

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