Walleche wallet & sacoche in one lets you keep your hands free and spend time in nature » Gadget Flow

Hit the road on your bike or by foot and take the Walleche wallet & sacoche. With a minimal design, it lets you go out more freely by taking minimal personal belongings. Crafted with the belief that modern people need to spend more time in nature, it encourages minimalism. Designed by a company from Japan, it has a light weight of only 100 grams yet holds quite a bit! In fact, it measures nearly 5 inches high, about 9 inches wide, and fewer than half an inch deep. Originally designed for cycling competitions, a sacoche is lightweight and compact. In true form, the Walleche is even more compact than a sacoche, providing a minimal design for all your essentials. Hold everything from keys to your phone and cards to your earbuds. Overall, it has a sleek look that you’ll love to carry with you.

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