Watch live: Macron and Biden set to speak after White House talks

US president Joe Biden has welcomed French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to the White House.

The pair will hold talks in the Oval Office that officials from both sides said were expected to largely centre on efforts to stay united in their response to Russia’s war in Ukraine and to coordinate their approach to an increasingly assertive China.

They will hold a news conference that you can watch live on this page from 17:30 CET.

The two leaders are celebrating more than 200 years of US-French relations on Thursday. Biden’s camp has played up the pageantry with a colourful arrival ceremony and 200 live lobsters flown in from the Northeastern state of Maine for a lavish state dinner.

But looming behind the scenes, nevertheless, is a growing transatlantic rift on America’s green subsidies, which is straining the partnership.

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