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Watch the Killing Eve Season 4 Trailer

Killing Eve returns for its fourth and final season on Feb. 27, but the beloved show starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer sure knows how to grab our attention. On Dec. 28, it felt like Christmas all over again for fans of BBC America’s spy thriller. A 28-second trailer arrived courtesy of the TV series’s official Twitter account, giving us a terrifying idea of what’s in store for the final season, which will consist of eight episodes. “Actions have consequences,” the trailer’s caption reads. Unsurprisingly, the clip is full of drama and deceit and more drama.

Between scenes of Eve (Oh) attacking someone with a bat and Villanelle (Comer) dressed as a creepy clown, we are not OK! “Do you ever think what might have happened if we hadn’t done what we did?” Fiona Shaw’s character, Carolyn, says in the trailer. “People like us aren’t made for happy lives with happy endings.” Well, on that note, we’re nervously twiddling our thumbs as we wait to see how Eve and Villanelle’s story ends come February. Watch the trailer above.

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