Watch this guy make a case for his 5G iPhone 13 Pro Max that adds a twist for his sweet tooth

Watch this guy make a case for his 5G iPhone 13 Pro Max that adds a twist for his sweet tooth

Matty Benedetto runs a YouTube channel called Unnecessary Inventions. Now you might think that an iPhone 13 Pro Max case that shoots out candy is an unnecessary invention, but we can tell you that it was born from necessity, which we know is the mother of all invention. Benedetto’s iPhone 12 Pro Max suffered a horrible accident when he was sitting by his window one day while brainstorming.
Benedetto didn’t want anything like that to happen again, which is why it was necessary for him, as an inventor, to create his own iPhone case. No one wants to watch his naked iPhone tumbling toward the ground knowing full well that it is going to suffer severe, perhaps life-threatening damage.
The accident occurred when Matty’s iPhone 12 Pro Max managed to free itself from his pocket resulting in a one-story dive out of his window and smashing into the brick sidewalk below. Surprisingly, it still turned on although the casing took a pounding. So Benedetto decided that with a pre-ordered iPhone 13 Pro Max on the way, he would build his own case for the incoming new iPhone unit.
Since Benedetto wanted to have the case ready to put on his phone the minute it arrived, he found the dimensions he needed online from Apple. He used TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) as some case manufacturers do because the material will help cushion a fall.

Benedetto’s 3D printer spit out a flexible case that would fit his new handset. But remember, the name of his YouTube channel is Unnecessary Inventions which means that he needed to add something unnecessary to the case. Matty took his love for candy and created a system that would allow him to pull back on a pinball-style plunger and shoot the candy out of the case and right into his mouth.

After he finished making the case, all that remained was the delivery of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It was a tight fit, but the case worked as designed. It isn’t a sleek look and most will find the case to be too bulky to be practical. Still, Benedetto not only created a protective case for his new handset, he now has access to candy everywhere he takes his phone. He calls his invention “the Candy Catapult Case,” but you won’t find it on sale at any tech store.

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