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Watch Troye Sivan’s “Angel Baby” Music Video

Troye Sivan is unapologetically living out his fantasies in his music video for “Angel Baby,” and we’re absolutely loving it. The “next level” visual, directed by Luke Gilford, premiered on Oct. 13 and showcases what Sivan calls his “mega juicy power bottom ballad.” In the video, Sivan is seen intimately lying in bed with a plethora of individuals, straddling a hot guy on the back of a motorcycle, and giving us a quick peek of his stylish thong. The singer is choosing to bask in his truth in the video while encouraging us all to do the same.

“I just want to live in this moment forever,” he sings over the track. “‘Cause I’m afraid that living couldn’t get any better.” According to an Instagram post from Sivan, both the “song and video are a celebration of love and queerness and tenderness and sex and fantasy.” “Angel Baby” is Sivan’s first solo release of the year, and the powerful record is aiming to push the boundaries. Watch the dreamy visual for “Angel Baby” above!

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