Wendy Williams And Gary Owen Spotted Together At Dinner In New York City

Even though Gary Owen is entangled in a pretty messy divorce battle with his estranged wife Kenya Duke, the comedian might have the hots for the queen of “Hot Topics” herself, Wendy Williams.

After the 46-year-old Owen appeared on The Wendy Williams Show last week, the odd duo linked up and was seen having dinner at the reopening of Scotto’s in New York City on Thursday.

Williams, 56, admitted on her show that she found Owen attractive, telling him he “stuck out to” her during the filming of the “Think Like A Man” movie where they both tackled roles. Williams said during that time, they both were married respective spouses.

Last week, in an Instagram post, the woman aired out her former beau. Duke had plenty to say as she accused Owen of being passive-aggressive, along with some other choice words for him as she claimed he hasn’t paid any bills since April 1.

After Williams and Owen had their dinner date, Duke got word and went on another rant on her Instagram account and blasted Owen again.

“@garyowencomedy you wanted more of my attention, so here I am. I tried not to respond but with so many untruths it was necessary to address your lies and your friend.


Owen also mentioned that, although he has been advised not to speak about the divorce publicly, he gave an indication that there will be a surprise to his divorce proceedings.

“My lawyer doesn’t want me to say anything,” Owen said. “We got a lot of legal stuff we gotta go through. But I will say, there’s a big twist in my divorce that a lot of people don’t know about. It’s a doozy, but I can’t speak on it yet. But it’s big. It changed the whole dynamic of the divorce.”

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