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Westward’s Gift Concierge Tool Can Help You Find Your Dad The Perfect Bottle For Father’s Day

If you’re not quite sure what to buy your dad for Father’s Day, Westward has you covered this year with a new gift concierge tool that will make a recommendation based on your dad’s palate.

One advantage of being a spirits writer is I’ve had the privilege of trying out a ton of different whiskies, so many that I imagine I could select a pretty solid bottle for anyone I was shopping for by knowing a little bit about their personal preferences.

If you’re not a spirits writer; however, that task is a bit more daunting.

This is my job and I still haven’t tried everything out there, so if you’re a normal drinker shopping for that perfect bottle you’re often faced with either buying your recipient a bottle that you know you like, without knowing if it’s right for them, or taking the advice of the guy at the whiskey store.

With Westward’s concierge tool you answer a few questions about your dad and his preference, and then the tool will make a suggestion on the perfect bottle to send. Even better, you can order it directly from Westward’s website and have it shipped to your pop, provided he lives in one of the states the distillery can ship to.

Questions are all things you probably know about dad and range from questions about which flavor profile he would prefer (from a few options), to whether he’s going to be looking for something rare to collect or a daily-driver he can crack open and enjoy more often.

All-in-all, there are seven questions to answer that will lead you to one perfect bottle you can buy on the spot.

My own journey brought me to the precise bottle I would have selected for my dad without the tool: Westward’s American single Malt Stout Cask.

My dad is a beer fan first and a whiskey fan second, but when he purchases whiskey it’s for drinking neat on special occasions. It’s the perfect bottle.

These are the there you’re likely to see:

Westward American Single Malt

Born of the unique culture, climate and abundant resources of the Northwest, this elevated American original demonstrates our craftsmanship and creativity. Our distinct, rich, and brazen American Single Malt — the pinnacle of whiskey. Created from locally malted barley, brewed with ale yeast for exceptional flavor, and matured to perfection in new, lightly charred American Oak barrels right here in Oregon, where our hot, dry summers and cool, wet winters are the ideal environment to raise a world class whiskey.

Bottled at 45% ABV / 90 proof.


Westward American Single Malt Stout Cask 

A celebration of Oregon’s legendary brewing culture, this whiskey grew out of our longstanding cask-trading tradition among a select group of beer producers in the Northwest. For as long as we’ve been making whiskey, we’ve traded our freshly-emptied barrels with some of our brewing friends in and around the Northwest, who have in turn “seasoned” them with Stout before returning them again. Our Stout Cask Finish begins with our Westward American Single Malt, and is then aged for one year in Stout casks.

Bottled at 46% ABV / 92 Proof


Westward American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask

A tribute to Oregon’s legendary Willamette Valley wine country, this elegant whiskey is influenced by the region’s premier grape varietal: Pinot Noir.

This cask-finished whiskey reflects the vibrance of the Valley’s signature grape while allowing the bold, robust notes of our whiskey to shine through. Our Pinot Noir Cask begins with our original Westward American Single Malt, which is then finished for up to two years in French Oak wine casks from a handful of award-winning producers in the region.

Bottled at 45% ABV / 90 proof


If you’re on the hunt for that perfect gift, it can definitely be a tool to help point you in the right direction. That said, all there of these are also a pretty solid direction to go in, so even if you don’t quite get every question in the tool right, you’ll probably still end up with a bottle dad will enjoy.

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