Wetherspoons chef exposes pub’s ‘10 minute target’ for famous breakfast deal

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A former Wetherspoons chef claims to have finally answered the secret to how JD Wetherspoon gets its famous breakfasts to tables so cheaply and quickly.

The pub chain – affectionately known as ‘Spoons to many – is renowned for its cheap deals and speedy service, but has left some questioning the quality of the food being served.

Now, Channel 5 has taken a closer look at the pub chain’s kitchen practices in its documentary, Wetherspoon: How Do They Do It?

One of the defining characteristics of the popular chain has been its decision to open early, offering a cheap slap-up breakfast for punters across the UK.

Launched in 2002, the documentary claimed that the offer had become so popular that Spoons shifts roughly 1,000 breakfasts a week.

“With a traditional full English costing as little as £3.49, you may be wondering how they do it,” the narrator said.

“The answer is volume, buying in bulk means they can get low-priced ingredients. Still, to make good profits, they have to sell as many brekkies as possible.

The documentary heard from a former chef, who had worked as kitchen manager at Wetherspoons for three years, and described the speed of the organisation as like a “military operation”.

And, he also delved into the targets that workers were set.

“They would have a computer screen up in the corner and a timer between one and ten minutes. If it goes over ten minutes, the ticket will turn red, which will mean you’re not hitting your target”, he explained.

“We were always aiming for under ten minutes.”

As for the food itself, the chef admitted that some compromises had to be made in order to get orders out to tables so quickly.

“A lot of it comes in frozen, including the sausages, the hash browns. The bacon actually comes in pre-cooked and it’s heated on a grill. Baked beans obviously come in a tin, it’s all just warmed through a microwave,” he claimed.

Despite the pub chain’s prices already being lower than many of its competitors, there are also a number of ways to cut down on cost when dining out at one of the brand’s 900 outlets, including coffee refills and club nights.

Daily Star has contacted Wetherspoons for comment.

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