Wetherspoons launches Christmas menu including brie and bacon burger and chicken and stuffing panini

WETHERSPOONS has launched its Christmas menu and there are a host of delicious new meals to try.

The menu is filled with all sorts of festive flavours including everything you’d expect on your plate on the big day- from bacon to brie, and stuffing of course too.

Unfortunately, like last year, there’s no turkey on the table so you may have to settle for a classic Sunday roast if you’re after roasties and yorkies galore as well.

But there is the return of festive favourites like plates of pigs in blankets, and the brie and bacon burger makes a comeback too.

Back in 2019, Wetherspoon served up Baileys bread and butter pudding as part of its Christmas menu, but while we won’t be seeing that particular pud topping off the dessert menu, there are all new sweet treats to try instead.

In fact, pub-goers can enjoy a whole range of new menu items this year as Wetherspoons treats us to at least three new entries that we can’t wait to try.

The prices of each meal can vary between branches, but many of festive foods you’ll be able to get from just under a tenner.

Keep in mind that these menu items won’t be around for long either as they’re only available until December 24.

In the meantime, here are some of the mouth watering options you’ll find on the festive menu this year.

The big cheese burger

This one is new for this Christmas, and Wetherspoons describes it as the ultimate indulgent festive cheese fest.

The burger is made with three cheeses, inspiring the name – brie, halloumi and blue cheese.

The burger is also very versatile for any dietary requirements you might have as you can also choose between the breaded vegetable patty, Beyond Meat plant-based patty, 6oz beef patty, fried buttermilk chicken or grilled chicken breast.

It’s served with two slices of the creamy Brie cheese, slightly melted on top, while the halloumi fries finish the burger off, and the blue cheese comes in a sauce on the side.

You’ll also get chips too.

Brie and bacon burger

The brie and bacon burger is making a return again this year too.

Last year the festive burger was around £7.65 accompanied by a soft drink, or £9.15 with an alcoholic tipple, and it went down a storm.

To make things better, the burger is even which is topped with pigs in blankets of its own, and comes with a side of chips too.

Brie and garlic mushroom pizza

Also NEW this year is the brie and garlic mushroom pizza.

It’s 11-inches and made with sliced mushroom, garlic, brie cheese and rocket.

The pizza is perfect for vegetarians too, who don’t want to miss out on any of the festive flavours.

Last year the 11-inch pizzas started from £7.49 with a soft drink, or they were £8.99 with something boozy, so we expect it’ll be along similar lines this year too.

This year you can also get the pizza in an 8″ small-plate version, plus there’s a chicken, stuffing, bacon and brie style as well.

Chicken and stuffing panini

There are two panini options that have had a festive makeover this year.

A chicken, stuffing, bacon and cranberry panini, plus a brie and cranberry panini have made it onto the Christmas menu.

You can also add maple-cured bacon to the brie option if you fancy.

Both are back in the festive Deli Deals range notorious with ‘Spoons Xmas menu.

You can also add chips, salad or a tomato and basil soup to your choice – and the price includes either a soft or alcoholic drink too.

Pigs in blankets

No Christmas menu is complete without pigs in blankets, and Wetherspoons’ menu this year doesn’t disappoint.

You’ll get a portion of seven pork chipolata sausages wrapped in streaky bacon, and served with cranberry sauce.

The deal is part of the small plates “any three for” deal, which can be mixed and
matched with all of the small-plate choices.

That way, they’ll make the perfect festive sharing option too.

Last year the pigs in blankets cost only £3.99, but we can’t say for certain how much they’ll be this year.

Snowy road dessert

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then the Christmas menu has you covered too.

There are two brand new festive treats this year.

The new rocky road Belgian chocolate bar makes an appearance and it includes cherries, marshmallows and sultanas.

It can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the also new snowy road dessert.

This one is served with vanilla ice cream, belgian chocolate sauce and toffee sauce as well.


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