What Happened To Richard, The Last Union Member?

Richard Conrad (aka, Blue Bolt) was absent for the majority of Jupiter’s Legacy season 1. We explain what happened to him and where he is.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy.

Dr. Richard Conrad (aka, Blue Bolt) is an enigma in season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy. He’s also the only founding Union of Justice member with the least amount of screen time, so his backstory isn’t as well developed as the rest of his teammates. With the story being set in the 1930s and the present day, all but Richard and George Hutchence’s (aka, Skyfox) whereabouts are known in both time periods, but there is information that can be gleaned from the comic books.

When Sheldon Sampson (aka, The Utopian) and his friends set off to find the mysterious and remote island he keeps seeing in his visions, Richard isn’t with them. Rather, the protagonists pick up the doctor in the middle of their expedition, during which they find him shipwrecked at sea. After rescuing Richard, he joins them on the island and attains superhero powers — superhuman strength, speed, flight. He is also gifted a device he calls the power rod, which allows him to teleport. Richard seems like a fun guy and there are clues in Jupiter’s Legacy that he’s gay and hiding his sexuality. However, Richard is completely absent in the present day. So, what happened to the sixth Union member? 

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Jupiter’s Legacy doesn’t offer very much information, but it certainly doesn’t seem like Richard is dead, or even that his absence in the present day is a mystery like George’s. It’s possible his storyline is being saved for a potential season 2. In the comics, however, Richard is more of a crucial character. He struggled with keeping both his superhero identity and his being gay a secret from everyone, including his teammates. However, Richard found himself in a predicament when FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover attempted to blackmail him — Hoover would reveal Richard’s sexuality if he didn’t give up the Union’s identities. Richard was torn and attempted suicide. He was saved by Fitz Small and his teammates (save Walter Sampson) confirmed he could stay with the Union because they didn’t care he was gay. George wound up blackmailing Hoover right back and the FBI director didn’t bother Richard again. 

jupiter's legacy blue bolt

With all this in mind, it’s likely Richard left the Union (and the superhero lifestyle) behind on his own in Jupiter’s Legacy. This would explain why he’s no longer around in the present day and why none of the current Union members are bothered by his absence. He didn’t become a supervillain like George and no one seems to hold any resentment towards him. In the comics, Richard comes from a prominent political family in San Francisco and he also had connections with many notable people in Hollywood, so it’s possible he branched off to have a career as an actor or a politician. Conversely, it’s possible Richard was kicked out of the group because he didn’t live up to Sheldon’s ideals of what a superhero should be. At least on the show, Richard’s journey after gaining powers is still shrouded in mystery.

It’s unfortunate that Blue Bolt was left out of season 1 of Jupiter’s Legacy; he’s an interesting character with a lot to offer, as well as someone who could’ve added more depth to what the Union was going through. What his future holds in a potential Jupiter’s Legacy season 2 remains unclear, but it’s likely that fans will at least get more information regarding what Richard has been up to in the decades between getting his powers and the present day. 

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