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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Council or WWDC 2022 will shed light on the new iOS 16 and other value added features in the entire ecosystem. Every year, WWDC showcases the future roadmap of Apple and its related ecosystem.

Apple WWDC 2022 what to expect from Apple’s annual developer conference, where to watch

This year’s WWDC is going to be monumental for a number of reasons. First of all, the operating systems across Apple’s ecosystem is due for a major overhaul. This includes iOS, macOS, iPadOS as well as WatchOs.

Secondly, there have been rumours about Apple working on its on AR/VR ecosystem, so something around that too, is one the cards.

We take a look at some of the most anticipated announcements that tech enthusiasts and fans of Apple are expecting, and how likely is it, that Apple announces them.

iOS 16
This has to be the highlight of this year’s WWDC, given that it is the iPhone from all of Apple’s products that sell the most. Unlike previous iOS generational updates, there have been very few leaks around iOS 16. Some of the most anticipated announcements focus on the lock screen.

It is expected that the lock screen will be overhauled with lock screen wallpapers that will have a widget like capabilities. There will also be a significant improvement to notifications and how they stack up.

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Other than that, the messaging app, iMessage, should have social networking app-like functionalities. Some of the major Apple stock apps, like the calendar, should also come with major upgrades.

Some more features may be announced that may be limited to the upcoming iPhone 14, like the always-on display. However, given that Apple would like to keep the iPhone 14 under wraps, it is highly unlikely that features specific to the iPhone 14 lineup will be demonstrated at WWDC.

An all new iPadOS 16
Apple up until a few years ago envisioned the iPad as an extension of the iPhone. A few years back though, it started seeing the iPad as an extension of their Mac laptops.

The new iPadOs is slated to make the iPad more of a laptop than just a regular tablet or an oversized iPhone, and will therefore have features that help with that experience.

The multitasking interface has gone through an overhaul, making it easier to switch between tasks, and also allowing users to properly resize windows. To make the iPad appear closer to Macs, Apple will also allow users to use multiple apps and windows simultaneously. 

macOS 13
One of the biggest changes that will be coming to the macOS this year, is the overhauled system preferences app, which will make it more intuitive and easy to navigate, just like the settings app on most iPhones.

Just like iOS & iPadOS 16, macOS 13 will also have a number of revamped Apple apps. These include apps like Messages, Mail, Safari and much more.

WatchOS 9
WatchOS 9 will have some changes that affect how the device integrates into our day to day lives, in a much better way. The power management and power saving mode have will probably have been overhauled, given how most users of the last gen Apple Watch were dissatisfied with how quickly their Apple Watch would run out of juice.

WatchOS 9 will also have expanded atrial fibrillation detection, a much better health and activity tracking, whole more workout types and refreshed watch faces.

2022 MacBook Air
Although for the last couple of years, WWDC has focused on the software and feature side of things, there have been some hardware announcements as well. We might be able to see the new MacBook Air being announced this year at the WWDC.

Apple WWDC 2022 what to expect from Apple’s annual developer conference, where to watch

This new generation of the MacBook Air is expected to usher in a whole new design, with a MacBook Pro like shape that replaces the tapered edges of the previous MacBook Airs.

It is also expected that the new MacBook Air wil come in different colours, just like the iMac. It is very likely that the MacBook Air gets an M2 SoC, with improved computing and improved graphics processing capabilities. 

2022 MacPro
Apple had been working on a new MacPro that would come with Apple’s own SoC on it. It was due for a long time, and in all probability, it will be announced at WWDC this year. If not, Apple is sure to tease the new Mac Pro with a sneak peek.

Apple’s VR/AR
Apple has been betting on AR/VR for quite some time. Unfortunately, Apple will probably not be showcasing their VR/AR headset, mainly because Apple hasn’t been able to work out the kinks as of yet, and isn’t ready for a demonstration.

What Apple will be doing, is unveiling a bunch of developer tools, and probably the realityOS, the operating system for the VR/AR headset.

Where and how to watch WWDC 2022?
Like most of Apple’s recent virtual events, Apple will be live streaming WDDC 2022 on their website, AppleTV, YouTube and several other social media platforms.

There’s no need to sign up in order to watch the event. iPhone, MacBook or iPad users can stream the event directly from Safari on the official website.

The Apple TV+ app will also have a live stream for the keynote. Apple’s WWDC keynote starts at 10 am PST, which is 10.30 pm IST. The keynote should last for nearly two hours.

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