What To Know About Love Is Blind’s Season 3 Honeymoon Location

Love Is Blind season 2 filmed at the TRS Coral Hotel in Costa Mujeres, Mexico. Season 3 had to film closer to home, after some logistical issues.

Love Is Blind season 3 is finally here, and it’s time to reveal the new installment’s honeymoon location. Last year, the Chicago-based season 2 cast honeymooned at the adults-only TRS Coral Resort in Costa Mujeres, Mexico. The couples took advantage of every resort amenity, including catamaran excursions, private swim-up pools, and sexy couples massages. Deepti Vempati and Shake Chatterjee, who’s been busy since filming, also left The Grand Palladium campus to explore Cancun’s unique Cenotes. The Yucatan Peninsula lap of luxury was as good as it gets in reality TV. However, the season 3 cast honeymoon diverged from the status quo.


The Love Is Blind cast is leaving the TRS, and Mexico, behind this year, and staying closer to home. The season 3 Dallas cohort is heading to Malibu, California. While season 3 was filmed right after season 2, logistics and safety precautions threw a wrench in their plans. The cast was supposed to go international as well, but producers had to find a domestic location due to COVID-19. The risks attached to filming around Los Angeles were much less than traveling abroad. Like The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip season 2 cast, those on Love Is Blind season 3 might wish they filmed in Mexico. However, hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey said that season 3 drama and beauty would abound at the Malibu filming location.

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SoCal Hosts Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Island USA certainly proved that California is more than sunny enough for “bikini-added” love stories. While not quite as remote as Costa Mujeres, Malibu seems to offer a lot to the season 3 cast. The newly-formed pairs headed to the Calamigos Ranch for some much-needed alone time. The ranch was established in 1937, by J. Grant Gerson, to house his young family. Calamigos is a Chumash Indian word meaning, “Come As My Brother, Come as My Friend.” The red-tiled lobby building gives major Bachelor Mansion energy, and the wooden walkways are reminiscent of Love Island USA. It may not be a Love Is Blind tropical dating show season, but it is lovely nonetheless. The lack of humidity probably makes for a more appealing atmosphere, anyway.

Situated amid Malibu wine country, the lush mountain desert oasis has more than enough pools, water features, and intimate lighting to spark some major romance. The choice to film in Los Angeles makes sense for production and the Dallas cast. Southern California and Texas are increasingly swapping populations and cultural norms. A lot of filming has moved out of Los Angeles in recent years, but unscripted television might officially be coming back. What Malibu and Los Angeles lack in tropical energy, they make up for with convenience and sufficient plant life.

Overall, Love Is Blind’s honeymoon location is shaping up to be more than exciting enough for the cast. Season 3’s first four episodes were released last week, with the rest soon to come. The TRS Coral Resort definitely brought the most romantic Love Is Blind season 2 moments. Time will tell if the Malibu honeymoons spark romances that last a lifetime.

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