What Tom Nook’s Favorite K.K. Slider Song Is

Tom Nook is a huge fan of musician K.K. Slider. Out of the 95 K.K. Slider songs in New Horizons, here’s a look at Tom Nook’s favorite track.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, like previous titles in the series, includes music from none other than the iconic guitar-playing dog, K.K. Slider. New Horizons alone has ninety-five unique tracks that can be played on any radio or stereo furniture items, or can be played by K.K. himself when visiting player islands. Tom Nook, the head of Nook Inc. and founder of the deserted island get-away package, is a huge K.K. Slider fan. In New Horizons, players can find out exactly which song is Tom Nook’s all-time favorite track.

Tom Nook is one of the most important characters in the Animal Crossing series. A self-made and determined business-focused raccoon, Mr. Nook offers players loans in the currency of bells, as well as running various shops and offering services across multiple titles. While it’s unclear what Tom Nook does with all that money at first, Tom has a softer side and actually donates most of his earnings to an orphanage as well as the community.

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom is managing his new business venture Nook Inc., which allows players to purchase a travel package to a deserted island. Once the player has developed the island enough to acquire a three-star rating, someone will leave a note about the island signed by “K.S.”. Tom will connect the dots and, realizing this is K.K. Slider, will give him a call to play a show on the island. On the day of the concert, K.K. will play a new song entitled “Welcome Horizons,” and, following his first show, will return every Saturday to play music in front of Resident Services. Finding all ninety-five K.K. Slider songs is no easy feat, but this challenge can be made easier by requesting K.K. to play missing songs and secret tracks.

Tom Nook’s Favorite K.K. Slider Track

Tom will be very excited about the prospect of K.K. coming to perform on the island, and it becomes obvious that Mr. Nook is a big K.K. fan. During a conversation, Tom will reveal to the player that his go-to karaoke pick is K.K. Lament. K.K. Lament is a melancholy track that features album artwork of K.K. staring off into the distance on a stormy ocean coast. “Keke Enka” is shown in red kanji on the New Horizons album cover. Enka is a Japanese music genre of sentimental ballad music, which explains the moody vibe of the song. Also, in the cover seen flying overhead is Gulliver the seagull, not to be confused with Pirate Gulliver, Gullivarr who also seeks his crew.

Tom Nook's Go-To Karaoke Song Is K.K. Lament.

K.K. Lament has a melancholy and longing feel, and the album imagery shows that K.K. might be deeply reflecting upon something personal as he stares off into the sea. It’s unclear exactly why Tom Nook is such a fan of Lament – perhaps it reminds Tom of some of the previous struggles he’s dealt with in his life. Or maybe there is a sensitive, more developed side to the budding island tycoon-raccoon. Either way, K.K. Lament is another great track for players to discover in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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