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Wheels Up Becomes First Private Aviation Company on NYSE

Wheels Up is looking to accelerate its advancements in the private aviation sector.

There’s a newcomer on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and it’s none other than Wheels Up. If you’re not familiar with Wheels Up, you should be. They offer a wide range of options that allow customers and members to fly privately easier than ever before. The company will be using capital raised to accelerate its investments in technology and product offerings. Currently, Wheels Up has already been growing exponentially in many ways. They recently announced partnerships with many lifestyle brands like Porsche, Belmond and American Express. Wheels Up also had an incredible first quarter in 2021, seeing a year-over-year revenue growth of 68% to $261.7 million, and its active members increased by 56%.

Wheels Up is currently trading on the NYSE under the symbol “UP”. The publicly-traded company has also been renamed Wheels Up Experience Inc.

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