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In lieu of an E3 conference, Sony is once again hosting a PlayStation Showcase, which will tease the future of the PS5 on September 9, 2021.

Nearly a year after PlayStation had the big reveal for its new PS5 console, Sony is returning with another Showcase on September 9 – not to be confused with the more regular State of Play presentations PlayStation does. Even though the last generation hasn’t been left behind entirely, the PlayStation Showcase is promising a glimpse into the future of the PlayStation 5. There are a few PlayStation exclusives on the horizon that might get another look at the Showcase, but there’s always potential for new reveals too.

September 9’s PlayStation Showcase will begin at 1 pm Pacific Time (2 pm Mountain/3 pm Central/4 pm Eastern Time). The Showcase itself is expected to last roughly 40 minutes, and will feature games launching during 2021’s holiday season and into next year. Those 40 minutes will then be followed by more updates from the developers of the featured games, though it’s unknown how long this post-show will last.

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There aren’t many specifics on the PlayStation Showcase just yet, but PlayStation has at least mitigated some hardware expectations by acknowledging that the next generation of PlayStation VR will not be present. Unless Sony has some other new hardware to reveal, such as some more new DualSense colors, the entire 40-minute run time should be almost exclusively game trailer and gameplay footage. The PlayStation Showcase branding appears to be Sony’s big presentation replacement for E3 since the company has skipped out on the games conference the last couple of years. The last one was almost exactly a year ago, in September 2020, when the PlayStation 5 was given its big reveal.

Where To Watch The September 2021 PlayStation Showcase

Why The PlayStation Showcase Isn't A State Of Play

PlayStation’s own channels will be hosting the Showcase livestream on YouTube and Twitch. The whole presentation will likely be available to watch on both platforms after it has concluded as well, or even rewound in the middle if any viewers show up a little late. It is also very likely that other games industry companies – news outlets, specifically – will simultaneously stream the Showcase. Various streamers may also be watching live, and offering commentary as the trailers premiere.

Horizon Forbidden West, after its PS5 upgrade controversy, is expected to receive more promotion ahead of its recently announced February 2022 release date, but many are hoping other big PlayStation exclusives like God of War and Gran Turismo re-emerge from their radio silence. Fans of The Last of Us are still eagerly awaiting the next bit of news on Part II‘s separate multiplayer component as well. These prospects, combined with other third-party exclusives and the 40-minute run time, plus developer updates following, are shaping up for an exciting PlayStation Showcase on September 9.

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