Where to Find (& Catch) Clawitzer in Pokémon Violet

An exclusive creature to Pokemon Violet, the powerful evolution of the Water-type Clauncher, Clawitzer, resides in the oceans of the Paldea Region.

The powerful Water-type Clawitzer is an exclusive pocket monster to Pokémon Violet, which can be discovered by players traveling around the oceanic locations at the edges of the Paldea Region. In addition, players that desire to catch the evolutionary form, Clauncher at level 37, can do so in the wild, although Clawitzer is a much rarer find than its precursor. Sporting a powerful Ability that plays well into its strengths, Clawitzer could be a significant addition to a player’s roster of Pokémon against the strong Gym Leaders, Team Star bosses, and rivals they encounter during their playthrough.


Clawitzer may be spotted at the North and South Paldean Sea, across the vast shores that make up those locations. While Clauncher is certainly the more common find in these areas, Clawitzer does not have the same rarity as the futuristic Paradox Pokémon in Pokémon Violet, which is much harder to find during the postgame. Typically seen between levels 25-30, players that decide to catch a wild Clawitzer can receive the evolution at a lower level than what Clauncher would need to reach to transform. While this makes Clawitzer take longer to train, it gives access to its special Ability, ‘Mega Launcher,’ with better stats than Clauncher.

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What Makes Clawitzer Special in Pokémon Violet & Scarlet

Pokemon Violet Clauncher and Evolution Clawitzer In Front of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Cover Artwork

The Water-type affiliation of Clawitzer makes it strong through the Special Attack stat; it’s the highest trait that becomes bolstered through moves like Hydro Pump and Surf through Same-Type-Attack Bonus (STAB). Players that have chosen the Fire-type starter Fuecoco in Pokémon Violet may catch Clawitzer to balance their team against the Water-type or gain the upper hand against Rock-and Ground-types that would otherwise devastate their beginning Pokémon with super-effective attacks. Despite the innate weaknesses against Electric-and Grass-type Pokémon, Clawitzer has decent Special Defense and regular Defense, making it sturdier than other creatures in the game.

The Ability Mega Launcher gives Clawitzer a 50% damage bonus to Aura and Pulse moves such as Water Pulse and Aura Sphere. Players that search the Region in areas near Porto Marinada Market and Porto Malinara Lighthouse have the best chances to find this unique skill quickly through wild Clawitzer. Combined with the aforementioned STAB bonus, Clawitzer can deal massive damage when used against even the strongest Titan Pokémon it already has an advantage against for easy KO’s. Players looking to find and catch Clawitzer in Pokémon Violet should consider utilizing this trait for an effective offensive strategy within their already growing roster of powerful pocket monsters.

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