Where to Find More Food in Stranded Deep

For hardcore survival games, food is of utmost priority. This guide will explain some of the ways players can obtain food in Stranded Deep.

Besides thirst, hunger will be one of the main concerns for players of Stranded Deep. While the starting raft contains a few rations of food and water, players are on their own to find ways to sustain themselves. However, while food may seem scarce on a deserted island, there’s actually a plethora of ways to access different food sources throughout the game.

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For hardcore survival games, food is of utmost priority if players want to survive past the first day. This guide will explain some of the ways players can obtain food in Stranded Deep.

Where to Find Food in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Crab Food Locations Spear

One of the best ways to get food from the start of the game is by catching fish. The quickest way to do this early is by crafting a fishing spear (a crude spear only requires one wooden stick). By walking into shallow water, players use their spear to aim and strike small fish. Players can also use a few more materials to craft a fishing rod (crafting a bobber will also make it easier to tell when a fish has grabbed your hook). While fishing rods take longer to use, they can be cast much farther into the water to access bigger and more filling fish.

To cook fish, they need to be placed on the ground and skinned. Bigger fish require more clicks to obtain the meat. Once players obtain either Small Meat, Medium Meat, or Large Meat from their fish, they can place it on a fire pit to cook it.

Animals on the land like birds, giant crabs, bats, and boars are also solid sources of meat. After killing an animal with the weapon of the player’s choice, they need to be skinned on the ground just like fish to obtain meat that can be placed on a fire pit to cook.

One of the fastest ways to catch fish is with fish traps. Fish traps placed around 10 feet deep can catch fish like cod consistently. Cod gives one piece of medium meat (which fills in 2 food bars), making a constant source of it a great food source.

Finally, fruit and vegetables are another source of food. Coconuts are easy to come by, and provide water as well as food. However, eating more than two in a row will make player’s sick. Otherwise, produce like Kura Fruit, Quwawa Fruit, and potatoes can be eaten in mass amounts, and can be farmed for a sustainable food source. While Kura and Quwawa fruit is only found on some islands, potatoes are more common and can be found growing on most islands.

In the end, the best way to catch food in Stranded Deep depends on the player’s preferred play style. For players who enjoy fishing, fish traps and a fishing rod are a great choice. For hunters and shooters, land creatures are a fun way to hunt down meat. For those who prefer a more relaxed and constant method, an extensive garden can provide a great source of food. No matter how you play, this guide should provide enough information to make sure players know where to get more food in Stranded Deep.

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Stranded Deep is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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