Where To Find The Sword In The Stone

One of Skyrim’s many easter eggs and references belongs to none other than King Arthur. Here’s how to find the Sword in the Stone in Skyrim.

It’s no secret that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is heavily based on Norse culture given the various jarls, fjords, snowy mountains and Viking aesthetics, but there are also has a plethora of references to other cultures and legends, including Skyrim’s Sword in the Stone Easter egg. While it’s more about the journey than the reward, that makes it an Easter egg that’s easy to miss, and it’s a fun nod to Arthurian legend for those inclined to track it down.

The legend tells that Arthur Pendragon was the heir to King Uther’s throne, but the mage, Merlin, advised that Arthur should be raised in secret as conflict seemed to be brewing. When Uther died, conflict did indeed break out over who should take the throne, and that’s when Merlin put a sword in a large stone and claimed that whoever could pull it out would be the rightful king. There is, sadly, no kingship bestowed upon Skyrim players who find the Sword in the Stone Easter egg, but it makes for an interesting keepsake all the same.

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The Sword in the Stone, better known as Excalibur, has been referenced many times over in books, movies, and other games. This is still true now, as Excalibur can be found in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and is an incredibly powerful weapon. Since Skyrim has nods to plenty of other legends like that of the Headless Horseman and Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, it only makes sense that this piece of Arthurian legend would make its way into the world of the Dragonborn. So to those who feel that they are worthy, here’s a Skyrim Easter egg that can prove if they’ve got what it takes to become a different sort of legend – or at least that they can find their way to the remote sword in the first place.

Where To Find The Sword In The Stone In Skyrim

The Sword in the Stone Easter egg can be found outside of a cave called Rebel’s Cairn. The cave sits between Skyrim’s cities of Markarth and Morthal, and is directly northeast of Sky Haven Temple. Players should make their way past Red Eagle Redoubt and up the rocky hills until reaching an outcropping of rocks with a fence on one side and a large torch on the other. To the left of an entrance is a stone surrounded by bones, blood, and has a sword sticking out from the top.

Simply walk up to the sword and pull it from the stone. It is, perhaps, a grander thought than anything practical, as Skyrim’s sword in the stone isn’t the best as it’s just a plain old steel sword that does the usual 35 damage. While the weapon may not be as powerful as the sword of legend, it’s still a cool Easter egg for one of the most famed stories in the western world.

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