Where’s Simon In Bridgerton Season 2? How It Can Explain Page’s Absence

Regé Jean-Page will not be returning as the Duke of Hastings for season 2. Although his wife will appear, Simon will only exist off-screen.

Simon Bassett (Regé Jean-Page) is not returning for season 2 of Bridgerton, so where could the character be that explains his absence? This announcement disappointed many viewers of the first season who adored watching the romance between Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings.

In Bridgerton season 1, Daphne and Simon agreed to pretend to court so that other eligible men would try to steal Daphne’s attentions away from Simon while the duke would be free from having to seriously worry about marriage for himself. These plans went awry when the pair fell in love and eventually married. Jean-Page quickly became a Bridgerton fan-favorite, and his absence from season 2 will surely sadden many, but those familiar with the book series would not have found the decision surprising.

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The first sesaon of Bridgerton was based on the first book of Julia Quinn’s series. The Duke and I centered on Simon and Daphne’s relationship, but each of the remaining books focused on different Bridgerton siblings. The second novel, The Viscount Who Loved Me, was about Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey). As long as the TV show continues to closely follow the books, Anthony will be the focus of the upcoming season. Although Daphne is scheduled to return in season 2, her husband Simon will not be appearing on-screen.

Why Regé Jean-Page Isn’t Returning For Bridgerton Season 2

Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings sitting for dinner in Bridgerton

Regé Jean-Page was only ever contracted to appear in a single season of Bridgerton. That was part of the appeal for him accepting the role in the first place, leaving him free to pursue other projects after the season wrapped. In the books, his character did not have any more story arcs to complete or major character development to undergo. Any minor references or additions to his story in the future could easily be revealed through Daphne, making it somewhat unnecessary for Jean-Page to show up in person. Considering the Regé Jean-Page’s upcoming movies and TV shows, such as a leading part in the film adaptation of Dungeons & Dragons, it was not worth navigating his busy schedule for a small appearance in season 2. So how might the show explain his absence, especially since his wife will still be around?

Where The Duke Of Hastings Could Be During Bridgerton Season 2

Since Anthony Bridgerton is the star of season 2, the duke’s story is no longer a main point of the show. The remaining unmarried Bridgertons could receive greater screen time in his place, causing any amount of mischief that might require Daphne to visit. If and when her brother gets himself into any sort of romantic trouble, Daphne may return to her childhood home to try to help or even just offer advice. While visiting Anthony, Daphne could easily recount tales of her own happy marriage that occur off-screen, allowing viewers to remain up-to-date on Simon’s whereabouts even if they do not actually see him. The Duke of Hastings could have any number of reasons as to why he is unable to visit himself. Perhaps he will just be too busy handling affairs at his estate to spare time to go visit his in-laws, or will be away traveling, either for work or for pleasure. Taking such trips is far from uncommon for the aristocracy and can enable them to see more of the world than they ever could have otherwise. During the height of his relationship problems with Daphne in season 1 of Bridgerton, Simon had briefly planned to leave England for some time until the drama died down. Yet, wherever Simon will be, Daphne will undoubtedly keep her family, and the audience, well-informed of his activities.

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