WHOOP 4.0 fitness and health wearable features biometric tracking and has a smarter design » Gadget Flow

Meet your very own personalized health coach that goes everywhere with you: the WHOOP 4.0 fitness and health wearable. Designed with new biometric tracking, this activity tracker offers many more health features than the 3.0 model, such as monitoring blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, and heart rate metrics. Moreover, it still comes with the original features—such as a strain and sleep coach—but presents itself in a smaller design. Plus, thanks to the durable SuperKnit bands, it’s flexible and comfortable enough to wear nonstop. Furthermore, use this wearable as an alarm clock, as it gently vibrates to wake you at the optimal time. So you’ll wake feeling more refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Finally, with 5 LEDs and 4 photodiodes, this fitness and health wearable captures data more often for improved health tracking.

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