Why Among Us’ Engineer Role Mod Is Great (But Bad For Impostors)

The Engineer role mod for Among Us can be very beneficial to crewmates, but Engineers are bad news for Impostors hoping for an easy win.

Mods are being used in Among Us in a variety of ways. Typically, the social deduction game from InnerSloth boils down to crewmates who must perform tasks and Impostors who kill them. Along the way, crewmates try to figure out who the Impostor is and eject them from the game. However, mods can freshen up gameplay and add new mechanics.

Since last year, a number of mods focusing on roles have been added to Among Us. Quite a few of these overpower Impostors by giving them abilities that make it easier to kill crewmates. However, some Among Us role mods – like Doctor and Sheriff – can help out crewmates. For instance, the Doctor can revive fallen allies and the Sheriff can shoot a player they believe to be an Impostor without having to call an Emergency Meeting.

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Likewise, the Engineer role is meant to be beneficial to crewmates. The Engineer role mod in Among Us works like this: One crewmate per round is assigned the role and gets access to cameras and a drone. The cameras can be placed around the map for monitoring, but Engineers can actually turn into drones themselves and essentially look at the map all at once. Drones can also pass through walls, and Engineers have access to the Shock ability, which allows them to electrocute others and make a quick getaway.

Pros & Cons Of Among Us’ Engineer Role Mod

The Engineer player turns into a drone to spy on others in Among Us

While all of these abilities can definitely be beneficial to Engineers (and crewmates as a group), it also puts a major target on the backs of players assigned this role. Impostors will likely attempt to kill Engineers early on, since Engineers can easily identify them with cameras. And since Engineers can turn into drones who fly through walls, it can make sneaking around as an Impostor pretty difficult.

Because of this, people who like playing as Impostors may want to avoid games where the Engineer role mod is in use. Since Impostors can Vent, they usually don’t have to worry about being spied on from afar, but the Engineer role changes all of that. So, the Engineer role is definitely one of the mods that can make it harder to be an Impostor.

More roles continue being added to Among Us on a fairly regular basis, so it will be interesting to see if any mods work to counteract some of the Engineer’s more useful abilities. For now, though, the Engineer role mod is pretty great – except for Impostors looking for an easy win.

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