Why Outriders Players SHOULDN’T Be Using Cover

Outriders might include a dynamic cover system, but players should rarely choose to stay in safety because of one important healing game mechanic.

People Can Fly’s Outriders has drawn comparisons to the Gears of War series because of its fast-paced third-person gunplay and its seamless cover system. Players can quickly move between safe vantage points with the click of a button, but cover isn’t nearly as important as Outriders would make users believe. Most enemies in Outriders will waste no time rushing players down, which will result in a swift death if enough hostiles surround them. That’s why gamers shouldn’t center their combat around ducking behind cover.

The looter shooter is designed for aggressive playstyles that set the pace of battle instead of chipping away at enemies from behind a barrier. The only way players can heal in Outriders is by killing enemies, a dead giveaway that passive play should be avoided, especially when players are low on health. Each class gains back health from kills and dealing damage uniquely, which means they need to approach battles differently. Still, hunkering down in cover for long periods of time is rarely the right option.

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Players should use cover as an easy and safe way to approach enemies before unleashing an onslaught of bullets and supernatural powers. Outriders‘ class skills enable users to quickly turn the tide of battle in their favor if they use the correct sequence of abilities to decimate their foes. The game always rewards assertive strategies, which is why players should only use cover as a moment to plot their next attack.

Outriders: How To Approach Battles

While every Outriders class has a skill set of devastating abilities, many of them have lengthy cooldowns that players need to be aware of. Every character should begin battles by using their skills to immediately take out as many enemies as possible so they can carve themselves some safety from the incoming wave. When their skills are being recharged, Outriders players should duck for cover to avoid taking unnecessary damage, and the same is true when they need to reload their weapons. Still, they shouldn’t linger for too long.

It’s crucial to constantly be luring enemies into big groups by constantly maneuvering around a level in Outriders. Rolling to dodge enemy attacks and sprinting to empty spots of a level can end up being much more rewarding than trying to hold down a single area. This way, the next time a player’s skills are off cooldown, they can unleash a devastating flurry of area-of-effect damage on the group of enemies chasing them – which will then heal them back to full health. So, while it might go against many gamers’ instincts, Outriders is meant to be played with little regard for cover.

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