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Why the Bell 505 is a Must-Have For this Property and Real-Estate Developer Family

Presented by Bell – The luxurious, modern Bell 505 plays an essential role in ensuring seamless transportation for business as well as offering an exciting way to see the world. Just ask Clayton Boyd, owner of a multi-function company that specializes in the design and development of luxury barns along with real estate and property development. This Bell 505 owner leverages his short light single aircraft to reduce travel times between jobs. “With the Bell 505, I’m ready to go in five minutes, fly to destination, land at destination, do my business, stop, get fuel, grab something to eat and come home,” says Boyd. “It just cuts my day in half as far as transportation.”

The Bell 505 has been one of the most sought-after helicopters in the industry, garnering attention from global owners and corporations. Its comfortable, high-visibility cabin and powerful performance continues to wow customers as they use the platform for speedy transportation while enjoying beautiful views from the air. “The Bell 505 cuts my travel time by 20-30% of the time. While I’m traveling, I find myself just in awe of life,” Boyd remarks. “As I’m looking at all the colors and terrain, it’s a totally different view from the air.”

As for the makeup of this aircraft, the Bell 505’s dual-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) and Garmin G1000 offer pilots the most advanced upgrades to ensure flight is seamless. Powerful rotor blades and a Safran Arrius 2R engine also add to its remarkable performance. But the careful, methodical engineering of Bell’s latest commercial platform reflects 86 years of renowned vertical lift innovation. Clayton Boyd agrees. “One of the things that Bell has going for them, which people may overlook, is their legacy as a military company. Bell produces aircraft that defend our country. To get those contracts, you have to build the best of the best, and Bell doesn’t cheapen that up! You can tell this when you get a Bell 505; this thing is built like a tank – very stable and controlled.”

Discover more about the versatile, agile Bell 505.

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