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Encouraging children to regularly clean their teeth can seem like a challenge. And how do you know that they’re cleaning thoroughly enough? Fortunately, the Willo Essential Kit kids’ toothbrushing robot is a parent’s solution to their child’s oral hygiene dilemmas. Your child just needs to place this smart automated brushing system into their mouth, and it’ll remove plaque and stains with ease. Best of all, it’s an anxiety-free approach for kids between 6 and 17 since it’s so simple to use. Moreover, this kids’ toothbrushing robot connects to an app where you can track their brushing technique and even receive tips. With a range of mouthpiece sizes, this is suitable for up to 5 family members. Finally, this kit includes a mouthpiece and 2 rinse pods per child. You’ll also receive replacements every 3 months.

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