Woman in hysterics after seeing ‘drunk’ friend walk into glass without realising

A woman was left in stitches when her “drunk” friend faceplanted into a glass window while trying to get her attention.

Steph was with her three friends on a night out and they split into two groups just outside an off-licence.

Sharing the hilarious blunder on TikTok, she joked the video was the perfect example of “tell me you are drunk without telling me you are drunk”.

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Steph stays with a brunette woman, who is picking a pair of sunglasses inside an off-licence shop.

“Tamsin, is that glass?” she asks, referring to the pink glitter sunglasses.

Her friend takes off the sunglasses and says: “No, no, no, no. My glass, no glasses, I know.”

While she is picking another pair from the shelf, their friend, who dresses in white vest and flare trousers, is seen walking towards them while mumbling.

She smacks her face to the glass without realising the window, forcing her to take a few steps back.

Steph, who witnessed the entire blunder, lets slip a wheezing laughter.

Viewers couldn’t stop laughing as well, and one said: “That knocked the confidence right out of her.”

“That girl was coming with pure attitude and got humbled real quick,” a second teased.

A third added: “I’m wheezing, the more you watch it, the funnier it gets. I’m trying to figure out what she even said before it happened.”

Some felt sorry for the woman in white top.

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“In her defence, I didn’t see a window either,” a viewer commented, and another added: “The way she hit her face, that was not staged.”

But other viewers got distracted by Steph’s friend, who was trying on sunglasses.

A woman said: “Why does she look like Lewis Capaldi with the glasses on?”

“Lewis Capaldi when those glasses go on,” a TikToker also shared, and one penned: “I’m laughing so hard – so much going on – and what is Lewis Capaldi doing there?”


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