Womans inspirational video makes mums feel better about messy homes

A down-to-earth mum has been praised for reassuring other parents it’s normal to live in a “messy” home and to stop comparing themselves to others.

The dark side of social media often means mums set unrealistic goals about how their home should look and feel like failures if they can’t keep on top of every chore.

In a video, [email protected]***_mums_club responds to a mum who says she feels like a failure because she “can’t keep the house clean” and is “always gaining weight”.

She says: “Babe me too on most days, but I don’t think it’s just me and you mate.

“Welcome to S*** Mums Club we f***ing love cake here and we need to reevaluate the ‘clean’ situation of the house.”

Taking viewers on a tour of her kitchen and her hallway, she says: “Take one for the team here right, bet it’s not as bad as this.

“Welcome to my son’s bed and a crisp packet… What have we got here? Oh, look another crisp packet.”

“I’ve done the dishes today but there’s more! There’s always f***ing more,” she says showing the dirty dishes in the sink.

Upstairs, she shows the familiar sight of laundry in different stages of cleaning and drying.

She says: “It could be worse, I couldn’t have a house! Don’t beat yourself up, babe. You’re probably f***ing smashing it you’re just focusing on all the bad stuff.”

“We got you back my love,” she adds in the caption and the heartwarming message has struck a chord with many parents.

One user told her: “Mate, I am so thankful for your content cos you always make me feel good about myself.”

“Well it’s either clean house or keep the kids alive can’t do both,” joked a second user.

A third person said: “I needed this I really needed this, I feel like the washing is never-ending clothes everywhere but this made me feel more normal.”

Someone else said: “Honestly, this page always makes me feel better about my mess, I realise it’s completely normal when you’ve got kids.”

Another said: “Seriously you just literally made my week. I’ve felt so down about everything.”

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