Women reveal the weirdest things men have done on dates

Women reveal the weirdest things men have done on dates – from eating her dinner when she went to the bathroom to one who took his date to shoot rats

  • A group of women have revealed the most awkward dates they have ever had
  • From being told to shoot rats at a dump to being lectured about sea creatures
  • They shared their stories after one woman revealed she’s obsessed with them

Hundreds of single women have come together to share their most cringe-worthy first date stories admitting the path to love is filled with awkwardness. 

The viral thread was started by a woman who admitted she had become ‘obsessed’ with bad date stories after hearing her own friends complain about men.

‘My friend’s date ate her entire sushi roll when she went to the bathroom,’ the young woman revealed.

This woman couldn’t believe her date didn’t pay for her meal after inviting her to dinner

And before long hundreds of others had offered up their own horror stories including one woman who was excited to try target shooting on her first date.

‘He told me he liked hunting and target shooting, I thought it sounded like a fun date,’ she said.

‘It wasn’t, he took me to the dump to shoot rats,’ she revealed.

While another woman said her date took her to an aquarium despite hating everything to do with fish.

‘He spent the whole time telling me how much he hated fish and how stupid they are,’ she said.

When she asked why he had bothered going to the aquarium she was told that he wanted her to understand how much he dislikes marine life.  

But it wasn’t just the date destination and activity choices in question – others were confused about their date’s meal choices.

 ‘I ate something I didn’t like, so the guy I was with told me to spit it into his hand,’ one woman said.

‘Then he ate it and said he would have asked me to ‘mama bird’ him but didn’t want to freak me out on our first day,’ she added.

While this woman decided not to see her date again after he revealed his true nature

While another claimed her date raved on and on about being wealthy before choosing not to order anything on their dinner date.

When the bill came he gave it to her and said: ‘Well you ate and I didn’t,’ she said, furious because he had invited her on the date and chosen the restaurant.

While another woman felt she had dodged a bullet after her first date when her would-be lover revealed his true-colours early on.


Have you ever been on an awkward first date?

Have you ever been on an awkward first date?

Now share your opinion

‘He told me he had tested positive for chlamydia but it was okay because he had gone back to his ex and had unprotected sex while infected, so that she would rot from the inside out without knowing.’

She had assumed the act was a form of revenge after the man had found out his ex had cheated on him but decided to never speak to him again.

Another woman, who decided not to see her date again, said he was the cheater in the scenario and the consequences were almost deadly.

‘I went on a date with a guy I kinda knew through work. Mid date there was an emergency and he asked me to drive him to the hospital, he asked me to come in with him,’ she said.

Before revealing:  ‘His wife had attempted suicide after I picked him up from her house (I thought it was his house and he had even told me that she was his sister and that his daughter was his niece),’ she said.

One woman said she once thought ‘bad date’ stories were mostly creative writing exercises until she experienced on of her own.

This woman was very confused by her date’s actions but found the funny side eventually 

‘One time a guy took me to a corn maze and a little kid jumped out to ‘scare’ us (it wasn’t a haunted thing the kid was just having fun) and my date told him he was going to kidnap him and cut out his tongue. The kid was like six,’ she said.

Another said: ‘Why do people always comment on these things saying they are fake, all of these are very believable.’

But some men decided to stick up for their comrades in the stories, especially the ‘wealthy man’ who didn’t pick up the bill.

‘He didn’t eat anything, why would he pay,’ one man said.

But others on the chat insisted he was in bad form and that he had wasted his date’s time by inviting her for dinner only to sit on a glass of water. 

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