Work at this office standing desk; it’s motorized with gyroscope

Tired of sitting at your desk all day? This office standing desk is perfect for your home or office. It’s motorized, adjustable, and comes in a variety of table-top colors. There’s even a built-in gyroscope sensor. Read on to learn more about this incredible standing desk!

Anyone who works at a desk or computer all day knows the literal pain and frustration of sitting for long periods of time. It’s also well documented that this can have a significantly negative impact on personal health and well-being. So it goes without saying that many of us can stand to change the way we work—and standing is exactly what the EFFYDESK office standing desk has in mind. It comes with a motorized frame and a built-in gyroscope to help you find the adjustments you need, so you aren’t stuck in one position for too long. Let’s take a closer look at this cool new desk, shall we?

Work at this office standing desk that's motorized and has a built-in gyroscope
EFFYDESK office standing desk’s memory keypad remembers adjustments

This standing desk has a solid frame and is motorized

The EFFYDESK Business Office Sit Stand Desk boasts a solid frame that can be purchased by itself or with a tabletop. The frame has square reinforced legs and columns. Dual motors add additional stability and reliability when adjusting the height of the desk while remaining incredibly quiet. The desk can also ascend and descend at a speed of 35 mm/s, so you won’t have to wait long to find that spot that’s just right for you. It even supports up to 300 lbs!

Workstation features a built-in gyroscope and a digital memory keypad

To assist the EFFYDESK Business Office Sit Stand Desk, a gyroscope sensor is built into it. The gyroscope sensor helps during adjustment if it’s off-balance or something is blocking it. This way it can preemptively stop movement when needed. It’s all part of the off-balance/anti-collision system EFFYDESK includes in its design. There’s also a digital memory keypad attached to the front of the desk, giving you easy control and access to your custom preset adjustment settings. This is particularly helpful so that you aren’t trying to find that perfect setup each time you want to change positions.

EFFYDESK Business Office Sit Stand Desk in action

A variety of oak table top colors are available

One of the best parts about this desk is its variety of tabletop options. The colors are versatile, and the finishes look quite stunning. While the frame comes in Black or White, the tabletops come in three different kinds of oak colors: Black Oak, White Oak, and Oak Wood. The desks (as a whole) come in small, medium, or large. It’s also worth mentioning that an eco-friendly Terra version is available. It’s more expensive than the standard models, but the “carbon-negative, climate-positive” benefits are a great trade-off for your purchase.

Work at this office standing desk that's motorized and has a built-in gyroscope
This office standing desk features several different tabletop styles

A built-to-last desk that’s also an investment toward a healthier you

Overall, if you’re looking for a straightforward standing desk for your home or office, this is that desk. For the price, you’re getting not only the functionality of its motorized frame and memory keypad, but also the quality parts and materials used to create it. With the different tabletops and base colors, finding something to match your room’s aesthetic design should be no trouble at all. Most importantly, it’s an investment toward a healthier you. There’s no denying that standing desks improve work-life and the EFFYDESK Business Office Sit Stand Desk can deliver that. Don’t pass up an opportunity to check out this built-to-last desk today.

You can find the EFFYDESK Business Office Standing Desk on the official website, starting at $717.

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