Work Continues On The Tesla Cybertruck With A Recent Sighting

The Tesla Cybertruck has been a long time coming, with an initial concept shown in 2019, which we doubt anyone will forget anytime soon. The electric truck has seen several delays over the years and setbacks during development that didn’t appear to bode well for the truck and those with their names on a reservation list. However, in recent months, things have been looking up, with Tesla now hiring to train people at the production plant. A recent sighting discovered by Motor Authority showcases a slightly smaller truck that CEO Elon Musk has confirmed is a near-production design.

New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype: Details

On Wednesday, a Tesla Cybertruck was spotted roaming public streets as Instagram user ftronz posted a video and a photo of the truck making its way down a road. This prototype reflects a previous statement from Musk pointing towards the production truck being slightly smaller in size than the concept. However, minor design tweaks ensure the truck meets federal regulations, including side view mirrors. Luckily, the truck spotted still features a design similar to the concept many people have been raving about.

Elon Musk replied to the tweet showcasing the prototype and revealed that the side mirrors would be removable by the owner if they choose to do so. Interestingly, given how advanced the truck is meant to be, we’re surprised Tesla didn’t opt for adding side view cameras to take the place of the mirrors. But the vehicle is supposed to be reasonably affordable, which is likely why they didn’t go that route. But, being able to remove them when going off-roading is still a useful feature to have when traversing narrow trails. We also noticed that the mandatory third-brake light is missing from the truck, which may be disabled or not yet implemented.

Musk also revealed that the Cybertruck would feature Tesla’s next-generation Hardware 4 set for safety and assisted-driving features. We expect to see the Cybertruck begin production sometime this year, but it likely won’t be a large number until production increases in 2024. For now, they’ll probably work on sorting out the massive windshield wiper.

New Tesla Cybertruck Prototype

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