WUUK Smart Antitheft Doorbell has AI facial recognition and a voice gender modifier » Gadget Flow

Keep your front door more secure with the WUUK smart antitheft doorbell. It has AI facial recognition that sends you an alert when friends and family visit. This feature also lets you know about visitors who don’t ring the doorbell. And the voice gender modifier gives seniors, children, and women the chance to answer the door with a different tone of voice. Moreover, adjustable motion sensors alert you when it detects motion, letting you protect your home right from your smartphone. Furthermore, the HD video and IR night vision features ensure you see all the details at any time of the day. What’s more, this smart antitheft doorbell has a built-in Wi-Fi amplifier in the chime that extends your Wi-Fi coverage. That way, you can have quality images and two-way calls without a spotty connection. Finally, you have the option of either local or cloud storage.

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