Wynd Plus smart personal air purifier removes germs, allergens, & more in a portable form » Gadget Flow

Create a bubble of purified air around you wherever you go with the Wynd Plus smart personal air purifier. Designed by engineers from NASA and MIT, this smart personal air purifier removes 99.9% of particles over 0.3 microns and can purify up to 8 liters of air per second. The Wynd Plus uses antimicrobial silver to destroy infectious germs and removes allergens, odors, smoke, pollution, dust, and more. Best of all, its bottle-size design makes it portable enough to take in the car, keep at the office, and even use inside baby strollers, airplanes, and more. It even boasts an 8-hour battery life. So you can clean your personal space wherever life takes you. Finally, it includes a built-in air quality sensor that monitors the air surrounding you. It then alerts you when the atmosphere becomes unhealthy, so you can switch it on to clean up your vicinity.

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