Wyze Night Light illuminates the night with soft, soothing light activated by motion » Gadget Flow

Add luminosity to your home in the dark with the Wyze Night Light. Instead of switching on a bright light when you’re navigating through your home at night, this 3-pack smart light uses motion detection to automatically switch on when someone is present. In fact, it detects motion up to 18 feet away. Moreover, the Wyze Night Light snaps onto any metal surface with ease. Alternatively, peel and stick the magnetic mounting plate wherever you need light, like in the bathroom, on a mirror, on a wooden surface, and more. Furthermore, the internal battery eliminates wires and plugs, and each light has a 3-month battery. Finally, link up to 10 lights to create directional light in your hallway, on the stairs, and in larger rooms. Overall, illuminate the night with warm lighting without having to press a button.

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