Xiaomi HOTO smart laser tape measure offers real-time measuring with 1-button operation » Gadget Flow

Calculate distances at the press of a button with the Xiaomi HOTO smart laser tape measure. Unlike traditional tape measures, this device records measurements—within a range of 0.16–98 ft—using a laser transmitter. Moreover, this smart laser tape measure supports meters, inches, and feet as units. And you choose your preferred unit at the touch of a button. All the while, the OLED display clearly shares the data, so there’s no guesswork or chances of inaccurate readings. Furthermore, the Xiaomi HOTO offers real-time sharing of measurement data within the app for easy notetaking. So you never need to worry about forgetting measurements. You can even assign measurement data to photos taken by you for vivid viewing. Finally, thanks to its petite design, it’s easy and ergonomic to hold while measuring furniture, walls, and more.

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