Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X includes facial recognition technology and is HomeKit compatible » Gadget Flow

Upgrade your home security system with the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X. It features facial recognition technology with an array of sensors to confirm a person’s identity. Similar to FaceID used on iPhones and iPads, this technology allows you to clearly see who’s at your door. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock X also includes an IR LED for dimly lit areas, a photo-sensitive sensor, and more. Additionally, it includes fingerprint and passcode entry, providing you with options to enter your home. This is great for times when your hands are full with grocery shopping or just to make your home a little smarter.  Featuring a dedicated chip for storing data locally, this lock doesn’t use the cloud. Furthermore, this smart lock includes a full-color AMOLED display to display the lock’s status. Finally, it has a 6,250 mAh battery pack that lasts around six months.

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