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See the world in a more high-tech way with the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. This wearable allows you to put down your phone while still gaining access to the online world. In fact, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses display messages and notifications, make calls, capture images, and translate text. To prevent an abundance of notifications, they select and push the most essential ones first. So you’ll receive urgent information from the office or alerts from your home security system before anything else. Adopting MicroLED imaging technology, these glasses remain lightweight while ensuring brighter colors and deeper blacks. You’ll also receive a compact display for easier screen integration. Moreover, they have a display chip, which measures just 2.4 by 2.02 mm, to allow sufficient light to transmit to the human eye—even in harsh lighting. Finally, these high-tech glasses have a peak brightness of 2 million nits for a colorful display.

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