Xperi’s DTS Connected Radio the Next Big Thing in Infotainment

Xperi’s DTS Connected Radio is the next evolution in multimedia, if you turn on the radio while starting your car like millions of others do worldwide.


Let’s face it, over the years, terrestrial radio has taken a beating, as has the record industry and how we consume music and information. Despite that, or maybe because of it, we still turn to the radio in our vehicles to give us an update on traffic, weather, sports, and what’s new in music.


Xperi Holding Corporation, the owner of HD Radio and DTS Connected Radio Brands, along with pay-TV service TiVo, is using their technology to deliver digital radio in-vehicle infotainment via DTS and HD Radio. Concentrating on improving the source, Xperi offers broadcasters HD Radio, TiVo, AIM (all in media), and Arctic Palm, tools needed to deliver better listener experiences. DTS AutoSense is an advanced in-cabin monitoring system that includes driver monitoring, occupant monitoring, iris identification, and advanced biometrics. After all, who better to invite along for the ride than Big Brother?


Utilizing what Xperi calls the largest and deepest broadcast and music metadata set, DTS Autostage is a global hybrid combining linear broadcast with IP-delivered content for a more personalized in-cabin infotainment experience. DTS Autostage adds internet connectivity to deliver on-air radio program information, and features such as artist, album, song, lyric, and station details, related events at nearby venues, internet-only content, podcasts, and more. DTS Autostage is currently compatible worldwide with analog FM, DAB+, and HD Radio formats.


In-car DTS Neural Surround and Neural:X technology will surround you in music and movie entertainment, provided that you’re not watching while driving, now are you? Autonomous driving portends to things like this happening and is supposedly okay despite all the warnings about distracted driving, and that autonomy and inattention are a recipe for disaster. Of course, if we’re talking about keeping the kids entertained in the back seat with DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD for streaming, and DTS Headphone:X, that’s a moot point.

The best part? DTS Connected Radio is being incorporated into new vehicles from many OEMs, so it may already be included. For older vehicles, the technology will likely find its way into head units from all the major car audio companies, another reason for me to upgrade the system in my daily driver in the coming months.

[Images: Xperi]


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