XVI Power LS V16 Makes 1400 Naturally Aspirated Horses

Two years ago MC&T covered Sixteen Power, LLC’s monstrously magnificent, twin-supercharged LS V16 engine. The 1,600 horsepower boat motor was revealed at the 2019 SEMA Show and made quite a splash in the car community, for something that wasn’t meant for cars. Because, unfortunately at the time, the engine wasn’t yet fit for use in automotive applications. However, only a month had passed before XVI Power debuted another V16 at the PRI Show, except this time the supercharged engine could be dropped in a 4-wheel vehicle of choice, given there’s enough space available. Most recently, XVI Power graced us showed what somebody would be in for, should the do so, with a dyno-testing video of their NA LS V16 making an absurd 1400 horsepower without any forced induction.

Watch The NA LS V16 Roar

At idle, you’ll notice the NA LS V16 makes about 650 horsepower at 1500 rpms. We probably wouldn’t tell you what kind of fuel consumption this thing gets even if we knew. The engine reaches a peak of 1413 horsepower at 7000 rpms and hits maximum torque at about 5200 rpms. We’re all thinking the same thing. Yes, we’d like to see the engineers at Sixteen Power, LLC push the motor to its redline, but let’s remember that they’d probably like to keep their cylinder heads from orbiting the Moon.

You Can’t Swap The Motor Into Your Miata Just Yet

Sixteen Power, LLC is based out of the Detroit Metro Area and currently makes three different motors, a 1200 horsepower NA, a 1400 horsepower NA (the one from the video), and a 2000 horsepower supercharged. The best part about these high-output engines is their consistent reliability. Any car enthusiast knows that LS motors have been the benchmark for project car powertrains for quite some time. The modular motors are seemingly bulletproof, and an ideal choice if you’re looking for a wide range of power and sharp reliability while cruising along the water on a 42 catamaran. Unfortunately for those who prefer to cruise on land, there still isn’t a current production timetable or pricing available for the NA LS V16 if you’re looking to step up your project car game.

XVI Power Sixteen Power Engine Options
Image XVI Power.

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