Yara Shares Jovi’s Clingy Side & How He Invades Privacy

Yara talked about Jovi’s clingy side by showing a video on IG. She shared that her husband doesn’t let her have privacy, even in the bathroom.

The 90 Day Fiance fashionista Yara Zaya recently spilled the beans about her husband, Jovi Dufren. She talked about his clingy side and revealed how he doesn’t give her privacy, even in the toilet. When the couple first appeared on 90 Day Fiance season 8, many viewers were convinced that they wouldn’t get married by the end of 90 days. The duo had lifestyle differences, and Jovi wasn’t ready to leave his party-boy life behind.

But, the couple is already married and has an adorable eight-month-old daughter, Mylah. Their lives revolve around their bundle of joy. Even though Yara is upset to see Jovi leave for work for two months, she understands that he needs to go and earn money for his family. Some 90 Day Fiance viewers feel that Jovi is neglecting Yara and he should have been better prepared for her. But, others think that Yara knew about Jovi’s job before getting married to him, and she should be a little more supportive.

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While the couple is showcasing an argument on screen, the Ukrainian native is sharing a glimpse of their everyday life on Instagram. Yara posted a clip of a popular American cartoon, Family Guy. In the video, a child character Stewie is calling his mom, Lois, while standing right beside her. But the mother is trying not to look at her needy kid. Yara captioned this video as “This is 100% Jovi. Yara, Yara, Yara.” She then shared that he doesn’t even let her have some privacy in the bathroom.

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She wrote, “Even when I’m in the toilet, he constantly comes to me to tell a story.” Yara revealed that if she locks the door, he will open it with a knife. She has to tell him she closed the door on purpose because she didn’t want him to enter. Earlier, Yara took to Instagram to shut down the rumors that she is slim because of her good genetics. She revealed two things she regularly does that help her maintain a thin figure. Still, there is no denying that Yara had some plastic surgeries done on her face to look glamorous.

She admitted having a nose job; however, most 90 Day Fiance viewers think she had more work. Some of her old pictures recently resurfaced on social media, which made fans praise her plastic surgeon. Viewers feel that her cosmetic surgery is actually making her look stunning. The 26-year-old beauty also shared that she gets along with Jovi’s mom really well, despite what 90 Day Fiance shows. The couple is still living in New Orleans, and it seems like Jovi is away at work at the moment.

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Source: Yara Zaya

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