You have until December 4th to unlock Melody, a new character with special powers in Angry Birds 2

A new character is coming to Angry Birds 2 starting today. From now through December 4th, players can collect feathers in an attempt to unlock a new bird named Melody. According to game developer Rovio, “This new songbird grew up in a house full of music, showing a talent for singing from a young age. As such, Melody loves music in all of its forms. You can find her dancing to the latest hits, or chirping along to classical tunes.”

Rovio adds that “Despite being an Angry Bird, she’s actually quite easygoing, but when she gets fired up, she’ll express herself through music with her powerful voice – to devastating effect!” Earlier this year, Angry Birds 2 added a new feature called “Pick Your Flock” that allows players to pick whatever combination of birds they want to aim at the pigs at each level. These players can choose from among the seven “core” birds and from “extra birds” with different strengths and weaknesses. This adds more strategy to the game.

Melody’s special power is the ability to inhale any object and fire it back at her enemies “at ballistic speed.” The items inhaled by Melody can be fired back in any direction as players get to aim the projectile in the direction they choose. Rovio says that this makes “Melody a crucial part of a well-orchestrated strategy. In other words, if the piggies think they can nab the eggs and get away with it, Melody will have them singing a different tune in no time.”

At its peak, Angry Birds spawned a pair of full-length movies and a theme park in China.  Developer Rovio expressed its desire to be the next Disney, but that is a hard goal to accomplish. Rovio did do a great job licensing its creation with images of the Angry Birds found on products ranging from clothing, to adhesive strips, and board games. And during the pandemic, as many suddenly found themselves with no where to go and with nothing to do, Angry Birds made a comeback of sorts.

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