Youthful mum with 8 kids wows fans as shes been pregnant for 12 years straight

A mum with 8 children has stunned fans after revealing she’s been pregnant for 12 years straight.

The woman, known as Ms Kora, has gone viral since her amazing tale was revealed on the TodayYearsOld Instagram page.

She also posted her story on her own page where she has garnered a massive following of 221,000 fans.

And social media users were left shocked as she shrugged in the video while her kids walked past one-by-one.

In the clip, it showed the eldest child walking past first as it ended with her youngest.

She shared the incredible years she spent pregnant without a break as her family strolled past in the video.

The video starts with the mum smiling with the caption: “Years I was pregnant.”

First her eldest came out before the rest of his seven siblings as the mum has been pregnant every year from 2000 to 2012.

Some of the siblings pass through the video more enthusiastically than others.

It’s no surprise that social media users were stunned by the fact that the youthful mum been pregnant for 12 years.

One eager fan said: “No kids are even 2 years apart?! You’re amazing!”

Another admirer added: “You are a CHAMPION,” while a third poster commented: “Blessed.”

A fourth social media user admitted: “This will always fascinate me! You’re just incredible in so many ways!”

And a fifth Instagram follower gushed: “She looks amazing for having 8 kids. Good job mama!”

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The mum often shares a glimpse into her workouts as a recent video shows her attempting a heavy deadlift.

One online user commented about the Instagram star: “Beast mode activated/hulk scream.”

While another social media fan labelled her as “Wonder Woman”.

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