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YouTube has got hold of a new feature that allows people to translate comments on videos in over 100 languages. This feature is currently available for the video-streaming platform’s Android and iOS versions and could soon launch for the web version. YouTube made the announcement via its Twitter handle. YouTube for Android and iOS users will be able to see a new “Translate” button below each comment on a video.

Youtube on iOS. Image: Pixabay

Youtube on iOS. Image: Pixabay

If a comment is in a language that isn’t the one set as your native language on the app, you will see the option to translate the comment in your native language.

For example, if your default language on YouTube is English and you come across comments in other languages, you will see the ‘Translate in English’ option for you to decipher the comment. This option is placed in addition to the like, dislike, and reply options in the comment box.

This feature will allow people to communicate more with various communities on YouTube with a simple click. There’s support for 100 languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Deutsch, French, Bahasa, and more.

It is revealed that the feature needs to be enabled each time you want to translate a comment and won’t translate comments in other languages automatically.

In addition to this, YouTube recently introduced a new feature that translates titles and descriptions of a plethora of videos automatically, that too in multiple languages. This feature helps people browse more content, which thus, lets them get access to a variety of content that’s not in their language. This is a part of YouTube’s wider aim to expand its global reach. The feature is available for both YouTube’s web and app versions.

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