Zero Gravity Cushions posture correcting seat is ergonomic and makes you feel weightless » Gadget Flow

Spend most of your day sitting? Then you need the Zero Gravity Cushions posture correcting seat. With an ergonomic design, this set includes a Back Cushion and a Seat Cushion. And they’re so comfortable that they’ll make you feel weightless. You know that sitting for hours on end can cause chronic back pain, neck pain, and other complex conditions. But, with Zero Gravity Cushions, you’ll feel so much less compressed in your chair. They situate you so that your chest opens up to the sky and you can breathe much better. You’ll feel more relief throughout your whole body and achieve the ideal curve along your spine. Freely move your shoulders thanks to the large space between them and your chair. Additionally, your tailbone will never touch the surface of the chair, which prevents nerve compression. Finally, compatible with any chair, these cushions are comfortable for anyone and everyone.

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